From Poem after Carlos Drummond de Andrade

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Life got its tentacles around you,
its hooks into your heart,
and suddenly you come awake as if for the first time, and
you are standing in a part of the town where the air is
sweet—your face flushed, your chest thumping, your
stomach a planet, your heart a planet, your every organ a
separate planet, all of it a piece though the pieces turn
separately, O silent indications of the inevitable, as among
the natural restraints of winter and good sense, life blows
you apart in her arms.

-Marvin Bell

I first came across this poem in a book I read this year, The Book of Unknown Americans By Cristina Hernandez. It was a good read, I highly recommend it.


I met and surpassed my book reading goal for this year. 37 novels read and my goal was 24. I don’t track the non-fiction books I read, so my yearly total would be higher.



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