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I read this quote yesterday and I absolutely love it! I need reminders like that, especially this time of year. I was talking with a patient this morning and telling me how January makes me feel “blah”. He calls everybody darling. He said, “darling, come with me” and grabbed my hand. We went out the front door and stood in the sunshine. He had me close my eyes and told me to breathe in the sunshine and exhale out all the b.s. He made my day, and I made sure to tell him that. Little things like that can change an entire day. I’ll try to do my best to pay it forward. 🙂


I tend to hibernate a bit too much this time of year.  Hey, at least I get caught up on my reading.  😉  I’ve read 5 full-length novels so far this month.  Most of them were pretty serious, but Intimacy Idiot made me laugh.  The author described himself as a Caucasian of the Tilda Swinton persuasion.  I can completely relate, especially this time of year.  🙂

I’m really intrigued by the movie Anomalisa. It’s billed as “An inspirational speaker becomes reinvigorated after meeting a lively woman who shakes up his mundane existence. But once you watch the trailer, it appears that this movie is quite unlike most anything else.

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