Three Bs

Sunday, May 21, 2017 No tags Permalink

Brunch, bicycles, and battleships. That was my Sunday.

We’ve been wanting to try out this new restaurant nearby, and today we finally made it. When we arrived, the hostess asked if we knew it was their brunch only menu and was that okay? Brunch is always okay! I love brunch and this place had a spectacular one. Our accidental brunch made me think of this hilarious video.

After brunch we wandered into a bike shop. I’m looking at getting a new bike for my dad. He had bad knees, but I think this specific type of bike would work well for him. While we were there, we took some bicycles out for a test run. I fell in love with the Townie Commute. Maybe it’s about time to update my cruiser bike?

Lastly, we came across a group of elderly gentleman who were gathered together sailing RC battleships and submarines in an enormous reflecting pool in one of the parks we passed by. We ended up having a great conversation, as my son is quite the history buff and knows a lot about WWII battleships. I think it really pleased the men to see a younger man take interest in their hobby.

So, that was my sunny Sunday. What a lovely way to end a relaxing weekend. How was yours?

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