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The image below reveals what the nativity scene would look like if all Jews, Midldle Easterners, and refugees were scrubbed away from the birth of Jesus. Spoiler alert: There’s no one there, save for a few animals.

Christians need to remember that hate is not a Christian value and Jesus said “Love one another” not “Love one another only if they’re the same race, ethnicity, and religion as you.”

On a much lighter note, I just found a few pictures of me and my older brother and sister from Christmas of 1970. I was trying to figure out why two are in color and one in black and white. My grandfather was still alive then, and he was an avid photographer. He even had his own darkroom and developed all of his own photos.

I still make this exact facial expression, and my brother still has this big, goofy grin  

Glad to see that I’ve always been so pale that I throw off the contrast in the photo developing. 😉 As a photographer myself, I know hard hard it is to get balance right when you have a big, glowing white spot in your photo. Like the moon, or my face.  Ha! 😂

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