Lessons I Have Learned From My Damage {Poetry}

Tuesday, September 20, 2016 No tags Permalink

Damaged people love you like you are a crime scene before a crime has even been committed.

They keep their running shoes besides their souls every night, one eye open in case things change whilst they sleep.

Their backs are always tense as though waiting to fight a sudden storm that might engulf them.

Because damaged people have already seen hell.

And damaged people understand that every evil demon that exists down there was once a kind angel before it fell.

– Nikita Gill


When you’re damaged, you learn to take what’s given to you and be grateful for it. You learn that love is not a game, and cherish it. You learn how to appreciate the smallest things people do for you.

Because when people have gone through wars that have left them broken, they understand how fragile life is. They understand how they must make the most of it. And most of all, they understand how important it is to always be kind.

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