Ladies First

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Thank you for sharing this with me, Edward.  It made my day! It’s pretty much my motto in life. 🙂

You know the saying “work your butt off”? Well, for me it was work your butt on.  I come from a butt-less family. It’s genetic, right?  Side note: something that really is genetic is butt dimples. I found out they’re called dimples of Venus (supposedly because they are a mark of beauty gifted from the goddess Venus.  Okay. Sure.)


I thought everyone had them, but apparently they’re uncommon.  Just goes to show that you learn something every day. 😉image

I usually work out and lunchtime, then come back to my office to change into my work clothes. I was still in my workout clothes and talking to my boss when my (straight female) co-worker came up behind me and patted me on the butt 5-6 times and said, “these yoga pants make your butt look so good I couldn’t resist.” My boss laughed and said, “you just got away with something that dozens of men dream of doing every day.” If you haven’t figured it out already, I work in a very laid-back place!


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