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I used to think this was true, but I just don’t know anymore. I don’t know anything. I have no idea what is true and what to believe. I wonder when I’m going to stop being so naive. I want so badly to see the good in people that I think I miss seeing what they really are. And damn if it isn’t disappointing when someone you think is kind and caring really isn’t after all.

I wonder what makes people the way they are.  How can they have so little regard for another human?

  • Natasha Ramsey
    September 11, 2017

    *Hugs* Seeing the best in people is not a bad trait, it’s a good quality. However, when someone turns out to be something other than good it certainly hurts. Don’t give up on humans (easier said than done, I know), all are imperfect and some are horrible arseholes. The ones who are worth it will be found and drawn to the goodness and then you won’t even need to think about armor.

    • Lisa
      September 11, 2017

      Hugs back at you, Natasha! You are one of the grnuinely good people in this world, and I’m proud to know you. 🙂 I know you’ve experienced those arseholes firsthand yourself, as well.

      • Natasha Ramsey
        September 12, 2017

        Aw, thank you! We are all navigating this life and will make it!

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